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Want to collect email addresses for a newsletter subscription list?

User View Components

Subscribe Box

Allow visitors to subscribe to one or more subscription lists right from your home page. Visitors can also unsubscribe from this box.


Menu Component

The links component, if included with your package, is pre placed into the menu under the "More" menu. This list displayed are of links to live newsletters that you've written..

    [NUMO.NEWSLETTER: LINKS(include_within_submenu=1)]

Let Your Visitors Subscribe

Visitors can subscribe to multiple subscription lists.

You can use the newsletter system to collect email address for use within the Numo Newsletter Compose & Send system, or a third party system.

Compose & Send

The Numo Newsletter plugin is great for those sending out to 100-200 recipients at a time. Beyond that, most web hosts will either throttle your outgoing emails with some daily limit, or you will get tagged as sending out blanket emails that could be interpretted as spam.

If you are going to be sending out regular newsletters of 200+ subscribers at a time, it is best to sign up with a white-listed send-service to be sure your emails get to their intended recipients.

System Requirements

Be sure to check your web server environment with your web hosting provider to make sure that it means the following requirements.

  • Server OS: Linux or Unix
  • Web Server: Apache 2 with mod_rewrite and .htaccess files
  • Server Software: PHP 5+, MySQL 5+
  • Not compatible with websites running FrontPage Extensions, or Windows Servers (IIS)

View Newsletter Component

The view component can be placed on any static page (example: newsletter.htm). You can either link to your static page with the "view component" on it, or use the LINKS component to dynamically link to any any live newsletter.